September 29, 2022

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Valorant Mobile NetEase new super product

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Valorant Mobile NetEase new super product

Valorant Mobile NetEase new super product

Exactly 1 week ago, NetEase suddenly released the trailer of Project M, a new FPS game for mobile being developed by the company. Right from the name of the game, people immediately think of Valorant when during the testing phase, this game was also codenamed Project A by Riot.

According to the description of NetEase, this is a shooting game with a combination of CSGO and Overwatch: 5 vs 5 strategy with many game modes, players in addition to defeating opponents to earn money to buy weapons. You can also control generals with separate skills to diversify tactics.

With such a name and gameplay, Project M is quickly likened by gamers to the mobile game version of Valorant. Obviously, with such a style of design and gameplay, it is hard to deny this association. And it seems that NetEase itself has no intention of denying the above suspicion because according to the trailer, from the skills of the generals, the map design or even the gun buying interface of Project M are all close to each other. like being transported in original from Valorant.

For example, Elixir in Project M with a skill set that includes healing, slowing enemies, and respawning, is almost 90% of Valorant’s Sage skill set except for the ice wall. But not because of that, this move was removed, but was equipped for another champion in Project M: Coldcast.

Currently, the game has closed Closed Beta for 1000 Android users for the first time on August 6 and initially received positive reviews from players. This is not surprising, however. The reason is that up to now, NetEase has always been known as “the Taoist”, but the products labeled as plagiarism of this big man have always created a great attraction thanks to their excellent quality.

For example, Indentity V imitates Dead By Daylight ; Rule of Survival and Cyber Hunter studied under PUBG , Life After many similarities with Rust , Onmyoji Arena and Marvel Super War style of Moba Alliance , Ace Racer counterbalance Asphalt 9….all are not pioneers in the gameplay, but up to now, they still have a huge player. So gamers can rest assured that even if Project M has a reputation as Valorant “mixed”, it must definitely be classified as a first-class Fake 99% similar to the original.

We all know NetEase is a direct competitor to Tencent (Riot’s parent company) in the Chinese market. There have been many phases of “learning” each other between these two giants. However, the pre-release of a product identical to the game that even the opponent is in the development stage is an unprecedented “danger”. And perhaps Riot and Tencent should take specific actions to soon launch the “real” Valorant Mobile before the market share is occupied by NetEase because everyone knows that the ability to reach players on mobile is always much larger. compared to PC and Console.

End of Valorant Mobile

What do you think about Project M, which is likened to the first “face-to-face” shot that “Dang Tan” has for “Dang Tan”? Personally, Sforum thinks that if you keep imitating the kind of mind and range like NetEase, there’s nothing that you don’t support. Not everyone can afford to buy a PC or a Console, right? Two options are always better than one. Don’t miss the new mobile games !

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