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Top mobile games with the best storyline for gamers

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Top mobile games with the best storyline for gamers

Top mobile games with the best storyline for gamers

Underworld office – Underworld office

Is a mobile game developed by Buff Studio and released on December 14, 2020. Game with Visual Novel style for phones. In the game, you will be reading conversations about different problems and your task is to choose the solutions that you think are the most reasonable, the story will also be developed in the direction that you selected.

In the game you will play as Eugene – a student facing severe depression. During a train ride home, his soul was attacked by 3 demons, which seemed to be a sad ending, when he was rescued by the head of the Underworld Office, with the condition that he would have to solve 3 cases for this office. Through each case, we will understand more about each character’s life, family love, courage and above all, the honesty of each person in the two realms of yin and yang.

The game has up to 7 different endings depending on the player’s choice, so even after the game is over, you can still play again with new choices to further explore the story from different perspectives.

Life is Strange

If we had a time machine, what would our lives be like? If you’re having the same question as I did, you’ll probably find the answer in Life is Strange. The mobile game was released by Square Enix LTD on February 6, 2020.

In the game, you will transform into Max Caulfield, an amateur photographer who accidentally discovers his super power to be able to return to the past. She decides to use it in helping her friends and uncovering the mysteries of Arcadia Bay. However, everything will be better or worse, it all depends on the choice of the player. Please consider carefully.

The good point of the game in addition to the simple gameplay, the game also realistically portrays the life of the high school age, the most unstable period but facing the most choices of each person. Through the game, you can have profound lessons about friendship, love or even responsibility in life.

This War of Mine

The third name on today’s list comes from 11 Bit Studios that was first released on November 14, 2014. This is an extremely interesting mobile game on the topic of war when what it exploits is a completely different aspect: civilians in war.

The game realistically depicts the lives of innocent people in the era of fire and bombs. Here, they not only find ways to avoid casualties, but also struggle to survive amid the rigors of life. The game is not only for players to make simple choices, but sometimes, it is the harshness of life. We will have to choose between dying with others or stepping on them to survive. There are times when we have to lose our conscience to understand the extreme suffering that war brings.

The difference of the game compared to the rest of the games is that the plot is not deployed according to an available scenario, but completely depends on the player’s choice. The mission of the game is just to send a message through gameplay.

The Walking Dead: Season One

The mobile game with a good story will finally be a zombie-themed masterpiece The Walking Dead: Season One. However, Howyaknow’s game will be a completely different story line compared to the original film and television.

In the game, the player will play the role of Lee, a prisoner on the way to execution who is accidentally hunted by zombies. In the journey of hiding, he freed the little girl Clementine. After learning that the girl’s parents were killed in the pandemic. He adopted the girl and took her with him on his adventure. Father and son have been through everything together. Until the last moment of her life, when Clementine had to kill her adoptive father to free him from the pain of the virus, the player ended his adventure in tears.

With an easy-to-see graphics and simple gameplay, the game is like a short episode about family affection during the pandemic: scary, suspenseful but many lessons about faith and love.

End game good story

Just now are just four of the countless mobile games with unique storylines. I will definitely send you more games like this. Which game’s plot are you most impressed with? Share it with us. Good bye and see you again!

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