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Top 5 fishing places that can hack the amount of money quickly

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Top 5 fishing places that can hack the amount of money quickly

Top 5 fishing places that can hack the amount of money quickly

Waterfall in the campsite 

This is considered a money-plowing paradise for beginners with the advantage of making the most money and the fastest in the game, but players must know how to filter the ball, only fishing from the 3rd ball or more to earn expensive fish. money. Besides, because it is the hottest fishing place in the game, the number of anglers here is also quite large, leading to lag when pulling the fish up.

In addition, this area has quite a few rare fish, but only fish such as: Sea shark (during the day), Orchid (night), Crocodile with long snout (at night), Catfish, Fish over and over and over. Snakehead. The average amount of money in this area is from 80 to 120, and when you catch fish with a crown, it will be more than twice.

HomeTown . area 

The HomeTown area is a place for players to earn as much money as quickly as the Waterfall area and this place has quite a few people coming to fish, so it will not lead to the lag phenomenon as above. The way to fish in HomeTown is similar to that in Waterfall, players just need to focus on ball 3 and ignore ball 1, 2 so it doesn’t take too much time.

Pier Area

The advantage of the Pier area is that the rate of rarity is very high and the player does not need to filter the ball like in the two areas above, in addition, the Pier is also very close to the fish shop and the center, completely convenient. convenient for moving as well as selling fish to earn money to fix fishing rods.

The area behind the Mall 

The rate of rare fish in the area behind the Trade Center is also quite high, but to catch super rare fish, players must go to other places such as Boat, Lighthouse or Coast. The way of fishing here is not too strict with the criterion that if you have a ball, pull it all up because the ball here is small, but it can give fishes with extremely high amounts of money.

Boat Area 

This fishing place is not too difficult to find, players just need to find themselves a boat on the sea and drop fishing to earn money. Because it is fishing in the sea, players can catch a lot of rare fish such as Killer Whale, Sperm whale, … and that means that the earning potential is not as high as the 4 areas above. The boat will be a place for you who both want to have a lot of money and want to have rare fish to show off to your friends.


Just need a little patience, invest in fishing rods as well as refer to the locations mentioned above by S-Game, you can “hack” the amount of money quickly, whether you are a beginner or a veteran. Play the game Play Together for a long time.

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