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Top 5 extremely hot PC games

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Top 5 extremely hot PC games

Top 5 extremely hot PC games


Top 1 in the list of good games in 2022 must definitely mention that it is Studio Wildcard ‘s super PC game ARK 2, the sequel to the game Ark: Survival Evolved released in 2015. In addition to continuing the stars Highlights in part 1, ARK 2 also gives players a pretty top-notch survival game. Game play is also extremely demanding when it requires gamers to practice skills to maintain physical strength and life in order to survive. ARK 2 also offers thrilling missions for gamers to quickly earn EXP sources – this is also a source of materials to help improve fitness, increase the chance of survival, and win for players.

In addition to quite attractive gameplay, ARK 2 also has a diverse character system, each character will have its own characteristics and advantages, so it requires players to choose the right character, compatible with their abilities. to be able to easily apply battle tactics and quickly win. However, players can also choose other characters to “test” their level, maybe you will discover your hidden skills that have never been known before? 

ARK 2 is also built with a pretty “genuine” and sharp 3D graphics platform and a vivid sound system that gives players the most realistic and clear feeling of a popular survival genre game. 

In particular, with the participation of famous actor Vin Diesel, ARK 2 scheduled to be released in 2022 will promise to bring the most dramatic experiences to players when participating. Because of the above reasons, this game will definitely reach the top of the best game chart in 2022 that is most expected. 

Kerbal Space Program 2

The high-class PC game that makes many gamers stand still. The second in the top 5 of the best game charts in 2022 is Kerbal Space Program 2, this is the continuation of the Kerbal Space Program 1 game.  Coming to this sequel, people Players will be able to participate in tasks such as building rockets, space ships, building space stations or discovering the secrets of the universe. 

The plot and gameplay Kerbal Space Program 2 is quite suitable for gamers who are passionate about learning about science and space. With a spectacular comeback when updating a series of new features such as using high technologies, star travel features, supporting Mods… heard that the game may be released in 2022.

In addition to the carefully invested and attractive content, Kerbal Space Program 2 also broke part 1 in terms of form by using the extreme graphics platform, extremely clear to every detail. Besides, the game configuration is also divided into many levels suitable for each machine configuration to give players the smoothest experience. 

Although there is no official information on the launch date, 2022 is expected to be the time when Kerbal Space Program 2 comes to the audience. Let’s wait together for the most official and specific information about this super hot product in the near future. 

Suicide Squad

Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad is the third name mentioned in this chart. Many people predict that, Suicide Squad will be a dominant game exclusively on the PC platform and will quickly reach the top trending right at the time of launch. Why is that?

This game will take us to Metropolis, with a version of the suicide squad that includes Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and King Shark. The main player’s task is to play the role of one of the four characters above, use their strongest skills to fight and complete the mission to save the world.

In particular, Suicide Squad has suffocating and tense melee fights that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen . In addition, the inventory contains a diverse gun system, many beautiful costumes and substances like distilled water that will help you unleash your creativity to express your style. This is also one of the reasons it has attracted great expectations from the gaming community. 

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is the 4th extremely “hot” name that will appear in the top of the super PC games expected to be released in 2022.  Game developer Striking Distance recently released a trailer for The Callisto Protocol to introduce the features. unique, interesting and equally attractive. 

Callisto Protocol is a survival horror game set in the future 300 years after the main PUBG timeline. This also makes players wonder about the relationship between PUBG’s plot and Callisto Protocol. It is because the connection is quite vague and there are not so many specific chains that have made this game receive a lot of curiosity from gamers around the world.

Besides the curious plot, The Callisto Protocol gameplay is highly creative with many details that make players curious and excited, the graphic design of this game is also quite sharp and realistic. The background music used in the game is full of horror and brings a feeling of gloom and cold, but also extremely lonely and lonely, giving players the feeling of “hair-raising” with only the first details. first when playing. 

In addition, Striking Distance also invested in building Callisto Protocol with a modern and extremely smooth 3D configuration platform, gamers when experiencing the game will not worry about jerks, lag, losing the climax atmosphere when playing.

With the perfect combination of the above outstanding advantages, The Callisto Protocol has become one of the best quality games to be released in 2022.

Chrono Odyssey 

The last name that will be mentioned in the top of the best 2022 PC games, the most desirable will not be missed is Chrono Odyssey. In the genre of role-playing, adventure, and combat games, players will be transformed into characters in a fantasy battlefield system that crosses both space and time, usurping the gods. It sounds a bit violent, doesn’t it?

The attraction of Chrono Odyssey is that when just released the trailer, there were more than thousands of fans excitedly arguing about the topic as well as the character system with excellent appearance, all of them are boys and girls. pretty. Accompanied by the gameplay is quite diverse, creative but also bold traditional “role-playing” game. 

In addition, the form of Chrono Odyssey is also highly appreciated when it has beautiful graphics, promising many configuration adjustment options. The game system builds a configurator that is compatible with all of the players’ gaming platforms, so you can freely download this game on any laptop you have. The vivid, realistic and diverse sound system will be one of the big plus points when talking about this super hot game. Chrono Odyssey is expected to be a new breeze to be expected in the top PC games or is expected to launch in 2022.

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