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The most beautiful graphic survival games

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The most beautiful graphic survival games

The most beautiful graphic survival games


This game has mixed gameplay but still very interesting. You’ll find tons of different features from the game that combines RPG, survival, action, adventure, and even monster-collecting like playing Pokemon! The reason that we included it in the list of survival games with beautiful graphics is because the image of the game is only 2D, but it is surprisingly cute and fun.

The game requires you to search for packages dropped from your spaceship, saving the world by the way.countless other familiar features of the genre. exist.

The game has support for saving in the cloud and an achievement system (achievement) for gamers to plow. The game is not free but has a very affordable price (about 160,000 VND) and absolutely does not have any sales or advertising features to disturb you. 


Many survival games let you play as an ordinary person trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, while LifeAfter – a beautifully graphic survival game developed by NetEase – lets you be a “half zombie” trying to survive in the post-war era. Virus apocalypse. It has beautiful 3D graphics and Asian game-style characters, as well as a huge open world, full of dangers and opportunities for you to explore.

The context of the game says that there is a virus that sweeps across the planet and causes most people to die or turn into a zombie. You must find a way to survive among the hordes of monsters, collect equipment, craft furniture and fight to destroy the disgusting monsters if necessary. The familiar features of the survival genre such as building shelters, searching for food, making medicines, etc. are present in LifeAfter.

You must have guessed the form of monetization of this mobile game when you heard it was developed by NetEase. That’s right, it’s a free to play, in-app sale. Its gameplay mechanics are designed to lure you into spending real money, so try to resist for as long as possible!

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a top-notch graphic survival game right now. It is set in a fantasy setting but features about 80 species of dinosaurs and marine animals of various sizes that you need to capture to use their special skills for building a property. mine.

This is really a very attractive mobile game. Gamers will start completely empty-handed, unarmed and helpless in the midst of an unfamiliar world. But that’s okay, “my hands make it all” – weapons, houses, resources, food will gradually appear as you gradually progress further on the technology tree of the game. You can even transform yourself into Iron Man with the ultimate level equipment, creating a unique experience like no other survival game.

The game is free to play but you can also pay to enjoy various benefits. The game has a multiplayer feature so gamers can explore its vast lands with friends. This Ark: Survival Evolved has such great graphics that the developer announced that the game is only officially supported on touchscreen Android devices with at least 3 GB of RAM.

Stormfall: Saga of Survival

Stormfall is a survival game with quite unique role-playing. The main character is exiled to a wild land because of betrayal, but we don’t have to care about this – all you need to know is that you must survive.

The game features open-world exploration, a crafting system, various ways to upgrade items, and you can even cast some spells. The game features dungeons and ruins to explore, giving gamers secondary goals in addition to long-term survival. The gameplay of the game is a bit complicated because in addition to keeping the character full, there is also a curse from the dark mechanism that makes you constantly find ways to refine yourself.

This is a survival game with beautiful graphics and free to play. However, in our opinion, you can overcome the challenges of Stormfall with a little strategy and time without spending money, although it may take a few “sleep” to get used to the new challenges. gameplay mechanics. In addition, the game does not have Vietnamese language even though the images on the Play Store are in Vietnamese.

This War of Mine

Finally, this War of Mine must be mentioned when it comes to survival games with beautiful graphics on mobile. This is a port of This War of Mine on PC , and retains its beautiful but gloomy visual style. Unlike the other games on this list, This War of Mine not only forces you to take care of yourself, but also take care of many others.

Its setting is not plague but war: you are a survivor hiding in a city, where food and water sources have all been cut off. The game is plot-heavy with many pre-determined details, but its gameplay is truly survival: we need to craft all kinds of items, plant trees, collect water during the day, and at night until the gunfire. pause, you will control the character to go out in search of necessities.

The attraction of This War of Mine is that it creates an oppressive and serious atmosphere, making gamers happy and sad according to the fate of the characters. Sometimes we have to make very difficult decisions, affecting the fate of many characters in the plot. The price of the game is quite expensive, but we believe that you will not regret buying this game.


With 5 beautiful graphic survival games for mobile above, we believe that you will have hours of interesting entertainment, happy and sad according to the fate of the character or when you step back to look at your property. build. Don’t forget to come back to Sforum in the coming days to continue discovering many attractive games for mobile, PC and console !

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