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Summary of events to celebrate the 28th birthday

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Summary of events to celebrate the 28th birthday

Summary of events to celebrate the 28th birthday

Free Fire’s development history.

Officially launched to the Vietnamese gaming community on August 28, 2017. At the time of launch, although not highly appreciated in terms of graphics, these are the first steps for a game that despite the name Fame and notoriety go hand in hand, there’s no denying its success. During the past 4 years, Free Fire has invested a lot to upgrade the graphics as well as diversify the content, not to mention the huge amount of money for marketing with a series of big names as representatives like Son. Tung MTP, Cristiano Ronaldo, DJ Alok, etc. And after those hardships and efforts, Free Fire has won countless titles that any mobile game dreams of. It also marks a 4-year journey on the upcoming 28th birthday.

Event 1: Birthday party (August 14-29.8)

This is a collective event for the Free Fire gaming community across the country, but you can rest assured, such tasks are still often whispered by gamers that Garena will help complete them for free. Tasks in this event include:

  • Enter the game from 4 am on 28/8
  • All battlefields collect 4 million badges
  • Music M/V reached 4 million views in 7 days (MV released at 6pm on August 19)
  • Log in the event for 10 days from August 14 to August 28
  • Reaching the 40 mark at the birthday tracing event

Note: In addition to 2 general tasks, gamers have up to 3 individual tasks, which you must complete to receive maximum gifts, of which the most valuable is the Magic Box with a lot of good costumes. aquí.

Event 2: Birthday Tracing (August 15-22.8)

This is a novel event that first appeared in Free Fire. In this event, you will have to complete tasks to get yourself the turns, including:

  • Play with friends
  • Kill 10 lives
  • Play 20 minutes

Each turn corresponds to one time you can participate in the game of finding event logos in each picture frame. It sounds very simple, but with a meager 6 seconds interval along with the logo position changing continuously every time you play again, it will require gamers not only sharp eyes but also a little dignity. But in return, the backpack and death box are really beautiful and well worth the effort. Has anyone completed this event as ad?

Event 3: Birthday with the battlefield

This is an event for gamers in 63 provinces across Vietnam, together to complete the collection of 4 million badges in each province through doing missions. If all 63 provinces collect enough, the overall task is considered complete. And with that said, usually this is just Garena’s symbolic mission. If you don’t work, you will still have food. But if you participate, it will also be very interesting.

Event 4: Color painting (August 20-5.9)

In this event 4, Free Fire gamers will collect birthday badges to spin melodies, each melody piece corresponds to 1 puzzle turn. After completing the picture, you will receive the main costume of the birthday event: The dynamic, futuristic galaxy swinging conductor.

Event 5: Bring your friends over (August 25-28)

With this mission, you will have to join your friends to fight together, not only defeat the enemy, but also keep the top 5 position in survival mode to get the battery and above all, the page. The costume for assistant Panda is extremely pitiful and also quite cute.

Event 6: Plow the game to get gifts (28.8-29.8)

Completing the number of matches and playing time, Free Fire gamers will receive different tickets, of which the most valuable is the purple weapon spin ticket.

Event 7: Birthday Wheel (August 28-5.9)

Every day, log in and complete the challenges that the game offers to receive yourself spins with many attractive gifts, of which the most valuable is iphone 11 Pro Max and listening to Airpod Pro. However, I suspect that the winner will be a Garena employee!

Event 8: Cumulative Login (28.8-5.9)

Log in with enough numbers now to immediately receive the Grenades and parachute skins, friends.

End of Garena Free Fire

Just looking at the event list for Free Fire’s birthday week is enough to show us the huge investment Garena has for her pet, so it’s not difficult to understand why despite a lot of scandal, the title This mobile game can still reach the milestone of 1 billion downloads on the Android platform alone. What is your opinion about this event? Which reward do you like the most? Share it now with Sforum. Goodbye and…Happy birthday Free Fire!!!

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