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Review Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl

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Review Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl

Review Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl

The starting point is that the two remakes did not receive too many expectations

When newly announced, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl were not expected by fans. However, right after enjoying the trailer that was broadcast before the release date, the “family” quickly changed their opinion and was very excited by the attractive “offer” of the developer. Although still keeping the original content and plot, the new improvements in features and game context will definitely give players the experience worth looking forward to.


At the beginning of your journey to collect Pokemon, you will be playing the role of a young trainer with a noble mission that is to capture as well as build a strong Pokemon squad for yourself. Gamers will start in the town of Twinleaf of the familiar Sinnoh land in the original game. Here, you will receive Pokédex from Professor Rowan and at the same time choose the first warrior for your Pokemon squad to start the journey. Three Pokemon that you can choose from are: Chimchar – Fire-type Pokemon with high defense, Turtwig – Grass-type Pokemon with good power and high defense, and finally Piplup – a water-type penguin with abilities Blocking is also outstanding. This is considered the best starter set of 3 Pokemon and is well worth making the opening warriors for your battle.

With the help of two friends, Barry and Dawn, gamers will begin the journey to acquire and level up their Pokemon. With a trained Pokemon squad, you can use them to declare war as well as defeat the talented trainers of 8 gyms to confirm the bravery and strength of the Pokemon squad you own. Not only that, you also need to stay awake throughout the journey to discover and prevent Team Galactic’s plan to summon legendary Pokemon to preserve the peace of this land!

However, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl still face a regrettable limitation in the launch of this version that is the game is not difficult enough as well as the duration of the game is quite short. This is a limitation that many people have made after experiencing this game. So, if ILCA can increase the playing time and upgrade the difficulty of the game, the attraction of the game will definitely increase significantly!

Gameplay and features

With 1 of the 3 starting Pokemon, you and your companions will begin the journey to collect Pokemon in both “floating” and “submersible” areas. The “floating” area is the area above the ground with common Pokemon, and the “submerged” area is the area underground – which contains an ecosystem full of rare Pokemon. Competing Pokemon is also an interesting and thrilling challenge that you will experience when participating in this game. With an elite Pokemon squad, you can choose to compete in singles or doubles by pairing with other players to defeat your opponent. Throughout the journey to collect Pokemon, you can participate in parallel with other activities such as hunting for precious objects, building “secret rooms”, participating in Pokemon competitions, …

Coming to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, the game’s features have been invested and upgraded by the manufacturer to bring newness and excitement to players. Gamers can freely shape the characters in the game, freely choose the hairstyle, skin color, … to be able to create a unique feature to make their own highlight. Not only that, young coaches can also freely choose to buy their favorite outfits in the Metronome Style Shop.

The next feature is Capsule Decoration that allows to create beautiful effects when dropping Pokemon from Poke Ball. You can unlock beautiful effects such as musical notes, bubbles, sparks, etc. by exchanging prizes for winning at the Super Contest Show and creating a grand opening when dropping Pokemon. Another important feature that we cannot fail to mention is Pokemon Home – where you can easily store your favorite Pokemon.


The 3D graphics in the game are highly appreciated by players thanks to significant improvements compared to previous versions, from creating extremely beautiful and lovely chibi-style characters to the contexts are enhanced. Upgrade to HD resolution.

Talking about the viewing angle, the game chooses the camera to point from the top down during the move, creating a certain coverage for the scene, making it easy for the player to observe and determine the direction. In addition, bright colors also create a feeling of freshness and attraction like never before. The context in the game has not changed much compared to the original version, but the innovation in graphics in the game is the main attraction for players.

Main Area – Grand Underground

The Grand Underground is a brand new underground area, located just below the terrain of Sinnoh, and was first introduced in this remake. This area is a complex cave system containing many mysteries and interesting things, it allows you to use the feature to connect with many friends and participate in other activities such as digging treasure, building Build a secret base, dig fossil Pokemon, …

Pokemon Hideaways

Pokemon Hideaways are new areas located in the Grand Underground. This is a shelter for rare Pokemon, so players are extremely excited because here, they can freely hunt for unique Pokemon. Also because the Pokemon in this area are listed as “rare” and high-end goods that we can’t find on the ground, it would be great if players could hunt these Pokemon to add to the squad. mine.

Secret Base

Secret Base is a small area in the Grand Underground, but it is an ideal place to allow you to build your own secret bases. Here, you can safely protect and freely arrange precious Pokemon statues, the treasures you collect and decorate the way you like.

Performance area

Coming to this hit game series, players will definitely be attracted by the Pokemon shows with 5 categories including: Coolness, Cuteness, Beauty, Toughness, and Cleverness. Here, you can join your Pokemon “on the floor” to perform to turn them into “idols” in the Pokemon Show. To become the champion, your Pokemon not only show off their strengths in terms of their cute appearance, but also have to show off special skills, impressive attack moves to receive attractive prizes. Those are the stickers used for the Capsule Decoration feature – allowing to create beautiful effects when dropping Pokemon from Poke Ball


With this remake, the Nintendo family really did not disappoint the fans with significant improvements in its remake game series. Sforum thinks that Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl are two games worth experiencing. Have you tried this remake of Diamond and Pearl version yet? If so, don’t hesitate to leave your comments in the comment section below!

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