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My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

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My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

Gameplay of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Basically, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is an action RPG game with online elements. Gamers will experience the events that happened in the manga in a new role: a trainer of superheroes. The main character Midoriya is the first character that you need to teach to help him defeat the evil enemies that are getting stronger and stronger. If you want to unlock new characters, you’ll have to engage in the game’s gacha feature, a monetization method that many games today choose, such as the hit Genshin Impact .feature=oembed

The biggest plus point in terms of gameplay of the game is none other than its engaging action gameplay. The game will drop you into a fairly large open world, with simple to complex tasks and simple movement and action buttons at the bottom of the screen. Thanks to the inbuilt automatic navigation system, getting around in this city can be made very easy.

In fact, we think this is the best way to explore the city because a lot of areas that look impassable are roadways, and conversely look like roads but don’t let you pass. And yet, many missions on other maps don’t even tell you where to get there, forcing gamers to rely on the game’s self-finding system.

The game’s combat system is quite simple and somewhat similar to a Wild Rift or Lien Quan MOBA game, with various basic attacks, skills and moves depending on the character you choose. However, the enemies that need to be “taken care of” by you in the game are quite monotonous, which can make gamers feel bored after a while.

In addition, this is a game that requires you to spend some time plowing and hoeing, and some missions require players to practice leveling up their characters if they want to pass. Fortunately, the game will automatically notify gamers of this, saving the player the time to try again and again before determining that level alone is not enough to beat the game’s challenges.

To get used to this combat system, gamers will be provided with a series of very detailed instructions. If you intend to enjoy the game, you should absolutely not skip these instructions because they give you a lot of information to pay attention to, while the menu system and features of the game are really confusing. , even for seasoned Vietnamese gamers with Chinese games and their mountains of icons and menus. Many features do not even have a single line of instructions, perhaps because the developer is lazy or trusts too much in the player’s ability… guessing.

The MMO features of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero are very limited, because most of the game’s content is single-player. You can only communicate with players in the server you were inserted into when you first created your character, and only see other players in the game’s main hub, where you receive and pay quests. Even co-op games are completed automatically, you don’t have to move your fingers and so there’s no reason to communicate with your comrades. It seems that the developer does not want to put too much effort into this game mode.

Features of the game’s fee

After going through more than 20 levels in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, we don’t feel pressured to spend money to get through the game’s contents. A steady stream of resources the game provides in the early stages makes it possible for Sforum to level up its heroes and continuously acquire new ones. Of course, if you want more “genuine” characters like All-Might, Bakugo or Yaoyurozu, gamers will have to get used to swiping cards or be extremely patient in plowing.

It must also be said that My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero constantly throws popup windows and messages encouraging gamers to spend money while playing. Occasionally you will encounter a small banner appearing on the screen to announce that someone has acquired a good character, a familiar tactic to entice gamers to think “maybe I will be lucky” and spend money on the game.

According to the game’s introduction, the appearance rate of the highest level characters of the game (S) is relatively high, at 1.2%. However, we also have to say that no gacha game is “generous” – they only differ in the level of lifesteal, and the cheapest gacha games can cost you a fortune.

You can see this in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero when the game uses many different virtual currencies, each unlocking a different type of item. This is a familiar method that many studios use to make gamers not realize the true price of the item they want.

Pictures, sounds

Overall, we rate My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero with good image and sound quality. As you can see in the trailer and screenshots in the article, this is a game with full 3D graphics, the characters in the game are exactly like their image in the manga. Each character has its own unique set of quirks and the game team has also tried to infuse the character’s characteristics into the game, such as Minoru’s level of… smugness and perversion or all of Minoru’s guns. Momo.

This skill system has effects that look nice and smooth, but it’s possible that the developer wants to keep the game’s configuration moderate so you won’t be able to see high-quality visuals – everything is just here. enough level and the character model will also reveal many angles when zoomed in close. This is not too much of a problem because most of the time you play the game, you will only look at them from a distance and always have to pay attention to the enemy and the character’s skill cooldown.

The sound effects of the skill launch are quite good, giving us the feeling of controlling a real superhero. However, the game’s soundtrack is a bit boring, and the voices of the characters are too rare – they rarely open their mouths during combat, probably due to the expensive cost of hiring seiyuu. If this point can be overcome, the battles in the game will become much more interesting and fierce than now.

Review on My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is not a prominent name in the gaming jungle if you are not a fan of the series. The content of the game is just enough, following the plot of the manga, so you will not receive pleasant surprises when enjoying.

The game interface looks pretty “clean” compared to Chinese mobile games , but underneath that menu layer are countless “blood-sucking” purchase features waiting, while the gameplay and visuals are not impressive enough to convince. players withdraw money.

This is quite a pity, because it is the first serious My Hero Academia game on the market. We think you should just try the game to reduce cravings, and wait for another more attractive game.

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