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Lien Quan Mobile brings to players

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Lien Quan Mobile brings to players

Lien Quan Mobile brings to players

Tachi has been out for nearly a month, but the frequency of this general’s presence in fronts such as normal matches and ranked matches is very low, almost only counted on the fingers. The simple reason is that Tachi is proving to be weaker than the very strong Evil God Gladiator generals such as Skud, Kil’Groth, Florentino, Zuka, etc.

Looking through a series of comments from Lien Quan Mobile players, S-Game found that Tachi’s biggest weakness is that it’s too difficult to accumulate standard damage, players can quickly accumulate 3 passive points thanks to skill 1 and ability 2 but still has 1 last passive to unlock the empowered attack. That 1 passive point when accumulated in combat can make Tachi evaporate very quickly without having time to do anything to the opponent. As for the odd catch, Tachi is not too good in this role, because the Mad Sword can go to the countdown board before accumulating the last passive point and close to the Gunners who can fly kites like: Violet, Capheny, Hayate,…

Another reason why Tachi has become absent in most arenas is that the amount of money spent to have this champion is too expensive, up to 25,888 gold, while players can buy Zuka or Kil’Groth with a lower amount but still perform well with the position of Evil Caesar. The way to equip Tachi is quite simple, just revolves around the resistance items because when the damage is too much, Tachi will have no place in the big fight and can not withstand the dame shocks from the Assassin.

The publisher Lien Quan Mobile has increased Tachi’s strength such as adding 40% damage immunity for 1s or increasing damage to the original gas blade. However, that’s still not enough to bring Tachi back to the Evil God path, what Crazy Demon Sword needs now is something more groundbreaking, more powerful like adding a knock to an enhanced attack or making the way of internal accumulation is simpler and easier.

Tachi’s Strength Overview 

Tachi is still a strong general with standard damage and high recovery ability, but in order to make Tachi a “boss” in the Evil God road or at least in the top of the most worth-playing Gladiator generals, he still has to wait many times. Other power-ups from Garena.

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