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Everything you need to know about Itto and suggestions on how to build

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Everything you need to know about Itto and suggestions on how to build

Everything you need to know about Itto and suggestions on how to build

Why build Itto?

Itto is a DPS character that requires time on the field, and most damage is dealt while Itto uses fury. However, the fury skill requires up to 70 energy, so this character needs teammates with good anger charging ability, as well as auxiliary DPS without having to be on the field (Fischl, Albedo, Beidou, etc.

Due to being a character of the Nham type, Itto can be extremely strong thanks to the vestiges of the Vanished Dream and the Crystallization reaction. However, you will completely depend on Itto’s stats to deal damage because he can’t trigger reactions like Melt, Overload, Evaporate, etc. Moreover, no matter how you build Itto, he he still cannot destroy elemental shields by himself, but must depend on other characters. Therefore, creating a lineup for Itto will be quite restrictive. La Hoan is currently the place that miHoYo designed for you to use Itto due to the lack of elemental shields, one of the “invincible enemies” of the Nham characters.

For gamers who have nothing but conditions, Itto’s signs are quite worthy to own. The 1st and 2nd pars provide a fair amount of damage, while the 3rd and 4th pars are almost useless since Itto’s elemental skills are not important. The last two pars provide a very good amount of damage, especially the par 6 can increase damage by nearly 30% compared to the par 5.

How to build Itto

Itto’s skill set was introduced by us in a previous Genshin Impact article, which you can refer to here . Due to being a character that strengthens according to defense stats similar to Noelle, it is very useful to raise Itto to level 90. In general, characters that do not use attack stats but use defense or HP benefit greatly from level 90.

Basically, you need to level up basic attacks and fury, and elemental skills can be left for last. This is very important because Itto’s damage is completely dependent on the stats of the talents.

Weapons for Itto

It’s no wonder that the new greatsword, Scarlet Horn, is the best weapon for Itto. It has a low base attack stat, but this shouldn’t be a problem since Itto needs defense. Besides, 88% crit damage is an unprecedentedly high number in a 5-star weapon, making it easy for gamers to reach 200% crit damage and invest in crit rate. .

However, this sword is not too far from the Refined Core Sword 5 – a weapon that can be much cheaper and gamers can own it without gambling with the weapon banner. The DPS difference between these two weapons is only 1%. So if you don’t want to play the risk game with the weapon banner, get the Lit and your Itto will still be incredibly powerful.

If you don’t want to spend money on weapon banners or Battle Pass, gamers can completely use the Bach Anh sword from the blacksmith shop. It surpasses other 5-star heavy swords such as Thien Khong, Wolf or Pine Forest by providing very high defense, although in Itto’s hand, it still loses to refined Li Cot 1.

Holy relic for Itto

The new set of holy relics The Vanished Dream debuted in Genshin Impact 2.3 created by miHoYo for Itto, so you can absolutely start farming it right now. The stats you need are % defense meter, % lava damage meter, scaling cone or critical damage.

Regarding the secondary stats, in addition to the two very useful crit stats, you should try to help Itto get at least 130% charge efficiency to be able to use fury continuously. After that, the % defense is also very effective because it greatly increases Itto’s damage.

In case you don’t have the plastic to farm this new secret, the 4 pieces of Retrograde Meteor are not too bad. Some other weaker picks are 2 Dreams + 2 Stones, 2 Gladiators + 2 Stones. But if you’ve invested in making Itto as your main DPS, Sforum still recommends spending the time and resources plowing a set of Futuristic Dreams.

Itto’s comrades

At the end of the Itto build guide, we’ve come up with some of the right characters to go with this disruptive guy.

  • Ningguang, Albedo, the main character of the Yan type, Raiden: Characters capable of charging Itto’s anger.
  • Fischl, Beidou: Characters can contribute a lot of extra damage without being on the field.
  • Diona, Zhongli: Shields and buffs Itto through their weapons.
  • Gorou: A character designed by miHoYo to go with Itto, but according to Sforum, Gorou requires 80 energy and so if you use this character with Itto, you will need a 3rd lava character to charge for both. It is recommended to equip Gorou with the Xifeng Bow to reduce this energy requirement.

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