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Classic types of players in the game Battle Royale

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Classic types of players in the game Battle Royale

Classic types of players in the game Battle Royale

If there are gamers with this style in your team, you will have a full stock of ammunition and medicine, but whether he will give you good items or not is a different story. The player of this system is also known as the shipper because he is often on the board because of his greed, reports how much loot has fallen into the hands of the enemy, is it similar to the shippers who deliver goods?

Hidden hero style player

These are masters of position selection and possess the same patience as the great monks. A hiding place, a aiming gun, the monk with the legal name Thich Shoot Len is ready to make many gamers mad to the point of smashing the machine.

How can you not go crazy while running and want to catch your breath when suddenly you find yourself bleeding and then fly straight to the scoreboard. I can see the direction of the shot but I don’t know where the guy who shot me is to fight back. That is, do not leave it all. This is also the type of gamer that is hated a lot in Battle Royale games.

Weightlifting style player

Are gamers with extremely high skills, the ability to use weapons, grenades in master form. Whether in close combat or long-range gunfights, players with this style always show themselves as an extremely scary assassin. Even in cases where the whole team is ambushed or shot, they will always be the one to calmly hide and identify the fastest target to counterattack.

In addition to the ability to fight alone, the team players are also very good at team coordination: shooting support, sharing ammunition or rescuing friends, etc., all done perfectly. With them in the squad, your team’s chicken-eating rate is at least over 80%.

Weightlifting style player

If there are team players, then of course we will have team players. With these guys on the team, we can assume we’re playing handicap with one person. Shooting is poor, but I like to land in crowded places, the whole team is fighting fiercely, but I am still turning around to locate the enemy.

In particular, these names also have a hobby of playing retail. His comrades dropped a parachute to the south, then he landed in the north. The former team climbing the mountain ran bo, he took care of the river to loot. When he was knocked down, he yelled at his teammates that he didn’t know how to support or rescue. If there are these guys on the team, you just turn off the mic and turn off the speaker, let him be healthy.

Construction style player

In Battle Royale games that allow gamers to build obstacles like Free Fire, Fortnite or Cyber ​​Hunter, you will encounter players in this system. They can create continuous retaining walls at a speed equal to a submachine gun firing.

If you have ever watched major Youtube channels about games or Esport competitions, you will surely be amazed to see how fast this player’s hand gestures are. Not to mention that these are skills on mobile , not PC or console.

Racing style player

For gamers in this system, they are only capable of shooting or supporting teammates at a moderate level, but just try to throw them a motorbike, car or tank, they will drive you straight to the position. Top 1 position, not kidding. For players of this system, the survival game is like a free car race, where they can freely show off their vehicle driving skills at the highest level.

However, sometimes these gamers also have divine team squeezes when carrying their teammates to the right locations where the enemy ambushes, damaging the whole team to the scoreboard at a speed even faster than the old lover. back to you.

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