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Bringing Gladiators Assassins to Support, weird

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Bringing GladiatorsAssassins to Support, weird

Bringing GladiatorsAssassins to Support, weird

General gameplay in Lien Quan Mobile

The general gameplay of this type is to “take care” of your AD team very carefully from the beginning of the game , making the enemy squad lack the main damage, it will be easier to win when the current meta is leaning more towards pick. Gladiators in a formation and only have 1 or 2 mainstays in terms of damage. S-Game will have you list 3 Support generals but can spread nightmares for AD opponents.


Batman is the terror of the criminals in Gotham City and also in the Mobile Alliance, the Dark Knight is always hiding in the thick of the night and rushes to finish you whenever possible. Batman in the jungle is probably not as scary as a Batman going to Support because he is always waiting for you in the bushes, even in the tower, you can’t escape the Night Bat. Players can give themselves a destructive fire assistant to be able to defeat the enemy AD faster, Batman will be very suitable for your team squad with AD lacking mobility like Yorn or Tel’Annas.


Unlike Batman, who kills people in the dark, Volkath can easily defeat AD in the tower with his Immortal Demon Body move. The tower in Lien Quan Mobile will no longer be safe for you, as long as you stick to Ba Vuong’s claws, the probability of getting on the board is more than 90%. However, Volkath’s ultimate has a long cooldown and skill 1 needs to hit a champion, so gamers have to take advantage of the surrounding grass to assassinate the enemy AD more easily.


Add a very strong card with stealth and assassination gameplay, you will have to be afraid of the bushes in Mobile Union because you don’t know when a Richter with Ulti Demon Slayer and 2 knocks from Chop & Slash . That alone is enough to make your AD team inhibited to smash the machine, Richter players can bring more Flash to make the late game fights more mutant.

In addition to Volkath, Richter is also a heavyweight candidate with the ability to stay on turrets thanks to the All-round Defense move, and as the name suggests, this move will save Richter from having to go to the scoreboard in tight situations.


This will be a game changer for players instead of having to support the team with traditional generals and please note that only Gladiators/Assassins should be used to support when you see that your team has too many tankers or other players. The main force lacks mobility. As long as you focus on “taking care” of the opponent’s AD, victory will be as easy as turning your hand, the rank level in Lien Quan Mobile will go up like a kite.

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