September 29, 2022

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A new wind or just an imitator

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A new wind or just an imitator?

A new wind or just an imitator?

Game information:

The game was originally titled Guardians of Cloudia and was developed by Neocraft Limited. The game is licensed by VNG with the name Cloud Song VNG and will be released in 6 countries including Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. This promises that the game will soon have inter-server activities between countries to create opportunities for exchange between gamers from different countries.


The size of the game noted in the original version when downloaded is only about 82 MB, but because it is an open world game, it is likely that after fully updating the data, it will take up from about 900 MB to 1GB. However, because it is a game from above, you only need to own a mid-range phone to be able to experience this game well.


The plot in Van Thanh Chi Ca also follows a familiar pattern of adventure role-playing games, players will reincarnate into Skywalkers: warriors of the Ragnarok world. Here, players will have to train their own strength with friends and pets. Contribute to the rescue and protection of Van Thuong Thanh.


Game in the style of MMORPG to fight monsters and level up characters. Gamers will be able to choose themselves to become 1 of 5 classes of the game including: Swordsman, Archer, Assassin, Wizard, Mage. Each class has 2 different branches to separate skills. That is, the game will own up to 10 separate career classes for players to choose from

Besides the equipment, the Pet in the game is also an important point. Unlike many current role-playing games when the pet part is only used to increase combat stats or mounts, the Pet in Cloud Song VNG has more features than that. Each pet will have special features such as defense or attack, players can flexibly change their pets to suit each situation. Another plus is that the pet in Cloud Song when upgraded, not only increases strength but also changes appearance, the more rake the level, the more pitiful. It will certainly make it easier for many gamers to “show off their prestige”

In addition to the familiar actions of an MMORPG such as passing copies, hunting equipment or fighting monsters, players can participate in PvP battles with up to 120 people. This can be considered a distinctive feature of the game, creating more international exchange opportunities.

In addition, if you are a person who is not too fond of fighting or plowing, Cloud Song VNG is still an appropriate choice because in addition to PK activities, you can participate in voice chat to interact with members. in the guild. Or build and decorate your own house according to your preferences. This is also a novelty that even current hot games like Genshin Impact do not have.


Because it is designed in a bright Fantasy and Chibi style, in general the game gives players a gentle comfort. At the same time making the game suitable for children over 10 years old. The landscape in the game of course cannot be compared with other super MMORPGs such as Life After, Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact, but in general, it still meets the standards of most gamers.

The game allows to change the character’s appearance right from the beginning of the game to help players freely express their personality through the character. Besides, Cloud Song also allows gamers to own costumes with many different themes. Especially suitable for those who love animated movies because many of the costumes are created based on the original comic book.

The moves in the game are also made simple effects. This is not a minus but on the contrary a plus because with his simplified style, Van Thanh Chi Ca will give players a more pleasant vision. Especially when PvP with the number of 120 people but the skills are still complex, it is easy to make gamers “dizzy”.


Despite being praised by many pages for possessing top-notch, well-rounded sound, with Sforum’s fastidious eyes, Cloud Song is completely no different in terms of sound compared to other MMORPG titles on the same topic. .

Quick Review Cloud Song VNG


_A diverse and interesting career and pet system _Owning
a terrible outfit that allows players to be creative
_Many different gameplay content: building a house, farming, fighting 120 people PvP
_Although there is still an Auto mode Finished to get the best results or through important levels, it still requires the calculation and manual manipulation of gamers.


_The sound has not yet narrated the excellence.
_The rate of being given rare animals can be changed by VNG, but this is just a guess.


In general, Cloud Song VNG is still a good mobile game that is worth playing, not only because of its light and airy style but also because of many novelties in gameplay, storyline and above all, the opportunity to interact with international friends. economic. You can register early for this game on both CH Play and Appstore platforms today. Hope you guys enjoy the game.

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