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8 hottest tweaks in the additional update of the Winter Battlefield

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8 hottest tweaks in the additional update of the Winter Battlefield

8 hottest tweaks in the additional update of the Winter Battlefield


The first is the change of general Ignis, this is also the champion that has changed the most in this modified version. If before launching the fireball, the enemy received the effect of Soul Fire, now Ignis unleashes all abilities that cause the effect of Fire, besides, it also helps Ignis increase by 20% attack speed and 6% movement speed. In addition, it also comes with enhanced next move and slightly reduced healing along with 20% cooldown reduction of this old man’s passive. 

  • For ability 1 – Fireball, will increase a bit in damage but no longer have a 40% increase in movement speed for 1 second because it has changed in the passive. In addition, it will also reduce the amount of shield Ignis receives when casting an ability that the target is affected by Soul Fire, increase the cooldown from 3 to 5 seconds and cost more mana: 30+4/ lvl -> 50+5/lv.
  • Skill 2 – Fire: When casting this ability, victims affected by the effect of Soul Fire will be stunned from 0.5 seconds to 0.75 seconds
  • Skill 3 – Fire Battle: Increases the damage stat a bit, but adjusted from dealing true damage to dealing magic damage.


The second champion is Volkath (Buff). When Volkath was gradually losing his position in big matches and tournaments, Garena decided to buff this champion. With the damage of skills 2 and 3 increased while reducing the cooldown of 3 as well as increasing the healing ability to help Volkath use the ulti to ride more powerfully, more buffalo, to avoid “sudden death” situations when riding. horse.


The third is Dirak (Buff), through many adjustments perhaps Fried Chicken is still not satisfied, so Garena buffs a bit in Dirak’s passive. Previously, this champion would spend 1 mana to withstand 1 damage, after buffing, 1 energy will withstand 1.5 damage. Surely after this modification, General Dirak will be very old. In addition, the cooldown of 2 – Kim Quang An is from 6 seconds -> 5 seconds.


The fourth is the general Lorion (Buff). Until now Lorion is still very hot in tournament matches, but there are also many champions in mid lane competing with each other so the buff to Lorion is showing that Garena really wants this guy to become a champion. Become the best general in mid lane!

Specifically, the game NPH buffs the damage of skill 1 – Grid quite a lot, and adds a new mechanism that is in 1 second if Lorion hits many times, it will reduce 50% of damage. Skill 3 – Magnetic Storm slightly reduces the duration of the stunned victim from 1.5 -> 1.25 seconds. But it doesn’t affect this champion at all!


General Taara (Buff) will also participate in this adjustment with the damage index buff and cooldown reduction from the 2nd skill, in addition, the 3rd skill is also buffed…

The correction of the 3rd move will probably make this strong girl more durable and stronger than ever. Skill 1 loses a bit of the slow effect as well as the duration of that effect, but it will not affect too much for a tank-oriented champion like Taara.


Perhaps Richter is a champion that everyone wants to increase their strength. After the previous adjustment of Fried Chicken, removing the immunity in skill 2 made Richter somewhat weaker, no longer as strong as before, the gameplay also changed completely, gamers no longer used much in the game. matches.

Therefore, Garena decided to slightly increase the strength of this champion, with skill 2 reducing the cooldown from 18-1 seconds/lvl -> 15-1 seconds/lv and skill 3 increasing stats. significant damage. After this edit hopefully Richter can return to matches on a more regular basis.


A slight tweak that is also said to increase is that Zill (Buff) with ability 1 will reduce the cooldown from 6 seconds -> 5 seconds.


The last champion of this additional update is Annette (Buff). With quite a lot of correction, let’s follow in turn.

The first will increase the passive acceleration from 6m to 8m, and the second will increase the speed to jump backwards and will no longer be “stalled”. That’s good news, isn’t it? And yet, Annette’s 3rd ability is increased the stun duration when the victim is hit and reduced the time to cancel the ability 1 second -> 0.5 seconds.

After the last edit, many gamers lamented because Annette is now really hard to play, can’t protect AD when skill 3 interrupts for too long, now the wish to reduce the cancellation time has been fulfilled. and know. A special thing is that, you can also use skill 2 – Gio Nom to interrupt this move. A really good news for those who like to play assistants, especially Annette fans.

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